My good friends, Tommy Harkness and Jody Washington, asked me to create some visuals for their band, 9 Naked Mannequins. It started off as just creating the album artwork for their debut EP, but I got carried away and ended up making a series of 3D animated song preview videos for them to promote the release.
Here's I'll focus on the video assets I helped with, but if you'd like to know more about the crafting of the overall visual identity system and album artwork, see the full case study at Axes Agency.
| Danger Pop song preview videos
They ended up liking them so much that they asked me to create some more stuff for their second album, Ballads in the Key of Dark. With that one, I took a more cinema verité approach and shot some quick and dirty BTS videos of them in the studio.
| Ballads in the Key of Dark BTS videos
To round things out, I also made a graphic avatar for them to use on social, and have been creating album artwork for their singles and albums since. It's been a really fun and fulfilling journey with them so far.
| 9NM album keyart
| Cloud 9 key art concepts
| Vibe album and singles keyart
Mackenzie Mathis – Videography, video editing, 3D animation, graphic design
Tommy Harkness – "Johnny Neptune"
Jody Washington – "A9NT9MCLEAN"

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