A ronin spider looks at an apartment for rent.
| A Visit From Ronin Spider still frames
This project, another one shot on film during my years at San Francisco State University's graduate film program, followed a similar trajectory as my previous film from that era, Yumei.
Although the pre-production path for this one was quicker, the post-production process was just as lengthy and faced the same problems at the end of the day.
It started as a simple long-take exercise. I have a penchant for long takes and film school was the perfect playground to experiment with the visual possibilities, albeit within a constrained budget.
I think of this film as taking place in the same slightly askew world of Yumei. It's like the real world, but something is off. There's a darkness waiting just beneath the surface of the mundane. It's a theme I've explored often in my work and that continues to intrigue me.
When I finally got around to getting a proper film scan of Yumei, I included the footage from this film as well, in hopes of re-releasing the series the way I'd always hoped and intended.
If you take the time to watch, I'd love to hear about it. In my mind, this film isn't perfect, but it's as close as it'll ever get since I now consider it officially finished. It's about time.
Brittany Edwards – "Renter"
Cooper Glosenger – "Ronin Spider"
Lares Feliciano – "Prospective Renter 1"
Joel Garber – "Prospective Renter 2"
Key Crew
Mackenzie Mathis – Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Sound Designer
Marcia Ong – Cinematographer
Su-Yin Mah – 1st Assistant Camera
Bethynia Cardenas – 2nd Assistant Camera
Jared Raun – Gaffer
Lares Feliciano – Key Grip
Larry Manke – Offline Colorist

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