Trapped in a room, a man is forced to write a confession he cannot remember while being visited by manifestations of his own guilt.
| Devil in the Dark still frames
Devil in the Dark is the second film in a trilogy of shorts written and directed by Tommy Harkness, and also our second creative collaboration together.
Stylistically, it shares some common threads with the first film in the series, Infinite Color, namely a split presentation with some scenes being presented in black and white, and others in color. It also takes on a dreamlike quality, with the film being set in an ambiguous interdimensional space.
For the production, we were lucky enough to have been able to bring back the core team from Infinite Color. In particular, having master gaffer, Dan Juenemann there ensured a consistency of aesthetic that would have been hard to maintain without him.
Devil in the Dark was a wholly different kind of production compared to the film that precedes it in the series. We had only one main location where the vast majority of the film takes place, and many more cast members this time.
It was essentially an exercise in trying to find varied and interesting ways to shoot a very small location so that it had a different feel for each scene. In the film, the main character is visited by various other characters, and each of these encounters needed to have a different feel, as they each represented different facets of the main characters psyche and subconscious.
| Devil in the Dark BTS photos
In the end, the production was like a family reunion. We were able to fall right into a comfortable working style and pace, and there were no major hiccups during the shoot. It allowed Tommy and the actors maximum freedom to experiment and explore the themes and how the characters would represent and portray them.
This film might be for you if you're drawn towards the paranormal, the spiritual, the film noir aesthetic, or the inner workings of the artist's mind. I'd love it if you'd take the time to watch it and then reach out for a conversation. I'd be happy to discuss the film's production and answer any questions I can about it. At the end of the day, it would be a great excuse to chat about independent art.
Devil in the Dark can be watched right here, right now, by clicking the play button below. I hope you enjoy.
Josh Lehman – "The Writer"
Rachel Anne Breque – "The Angel"
Gina Won – "The Queen"
Jody Washington – "The Man in Black"
John Foley – "The Father"
James Allen Brewer – "The Collector"
Key Crew
Tommy Harkness – Writer, Director, Editor
Douglas Russo – Producer
Naruemon Promsawasdi – Producer
Mackenzie Mathis – Cinematographer, Colorist
Kevin Crawford – Sound Designer, Editor
Dan Juenemann – Gaffer
Robert Wakamatsu – Camera Assisatant
Cooper Glosenger – Location Sound
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