Stuck at home in 2020 during the pandemic, I started a series of images taken from the balcony of our home. The daily changes in weather and light gave a much needed reprieve from the unchanging monotony of life at home.
I read about all the cool projects people were starting at home and thought it would be a good way to pass the time and create something worthwhile considering I couldn't work out in the field like usual.
I noticed that the light and cloud formations would change from day to day, sometimes drastically, so I picked a few spots to pay attention to over time, and after a while, I ended up with a series of pretty interesting shots.
The compositions aren't 100% identical, but that's fine with me. The idea wasn't to match them to be exact, but approximate. It's the changing light and sky that interested me.
Usually, the end of the day would be the best time to photograph. The backlighting of the sun at that time both highlighted the drama of the clouds and also threw the landscape into silhouette, giving some form of consistency to the images.
Although the lock-down era was a trying time for many reasons, this project really let me continue to have some kind of creative outlet, and for that reason alone, I'm glad I did it. I like to think it helped keep me sane at a time when it seemed like so many people were coming unglued. Self-administered art therapy I guess. I hope you enjoy.
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