A woman is forced to face everything she's running from when her former lover unexpectedly shows up.
| Isabelle's Dream still frames
Isabelle's Dream is the third film in a trilogy of shorts written and directed by Tommy Harkness, and shot by yours truly.
Staying true to the visual themes set forth in the fist two films, Isabelle's Dream also presents some scenes in black and white, and others in color. It takes the dreamlike feel of the other two to the next level, never allowing us (the audience) to be sure whether what we're watching is actually happening, or simply a fiction imagined by one of the constantly fluctuating characters within the film.
Once again, we were able to wrangle the core team from our first two collaborations to keep some consistency of aesthetic. Gaffer, Dan Juenemann ensured the look of the film would fit into the same universe as the other two by keeping the lighting strategy in place, and some cast members make encore appearances, blurring the line between one film and the next.
Like Devil in the Dark, this film involved shooting the bulk of the story in a single location, Bella's apartment. This time, however, we opted for a more subtle visual style, allowing the strangeness of the world to slowly envelop things. It's almost unnoticeable at first, but by the end of the film, it's obvious this is no ordinary night on Earth for our characters.
| Isabelle's Dream BTS photos by Waki Hamatsu
Since we were approaching this in essentially the same way as the previous two installments, we were able to hit the ground running and not lose any time thinking through decisions on set. Most variables had been worked out beforehand, either between Tommy and his actors, or by myself and the crew, so we basically just showed up and made it happen.
The end result is a film that guards its secrets closely and forces engagement with it in order to reveal them. Just the kind of films I like to watch repeatedly to see more with each viewing.
This film might be for you if you like the idea of something that requires peeling back layers to fully understand. It's helped immensely by the outstanding performances of the main cast.
 I'd love it if you'd take the time to watch it and then reach out for a conversation. I'd be happy to discuss the film's production and answer any questions I can about it. At the end of the day, it would be a great excuse to chat about independent art.
Isabelle's Dream can be watched right here, right now, by clicking the play button below. I hope you enjoy.
| Isabelle's Dream BTS video
Isabelle's Dream is currently in the late stages of post-production. I'll post a viewing link here as soon as it's available to watch.
Mary Faith Tomlinson – "Bella"
Gina Won – "Isabelle"
Matt Monaco – "Stranger"
Jody Washington – "Stranger 2"
Key Crew
Tommy Harkness – Writer, Director, Editor
Douglas Russo – Producer
Mackenzie Mathis – Cinematographer, Colorist
Dan Juenemann – Gaffer
Waki Hamatsu – Camera Assisatant
Cooper Glosenger – Location Sound
Anders Ostarballe – Location Sound

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