LUNA Bar is a subsidiary company of Clif Bar and Co., a frequent client. Since they share a building, and people, it was natural I'd eventually find my way to helping execute creative ideas cooked up by their creative team as well.
The projects I had a chance to work on at LUNA ranged from one-off product videos to large-scale asset library creation. Every collaboration seemed to be better than the last, so whenever one of their projects came across my desk, I was eager to dive in.
Below is a curated selection of work I've helped create for LUNA, ranging from product launches to film festival marketing materials. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed working on them.
LUNA Prebiotics
The creative team at LUNA asked me to help realize a concept they'd developed for their new line of bars infused with prebiotics. The world they created for this was super fun, full of bold colors, lots of animated type and graphic elements, and accompanied musically by driving beats. I was in as soon as I saw the storyboards.
It was a joy to create within the playful world LUNA had crafted. The only rule was to make it fun, and that was the easy part thanks to the foundational work of their design team. The result is a campaign that's unmistakably LUNA, and captures the playful spirit the team intended for it in the first place.
Deliverables included a hero product video, shorter versions that each highlight one of the two main flavors, social stories highlighting a give-away promotion that accompanied the product launch, and animated webpage marquees for use on LUNA's site and e-commerce outlets.
My work involved supervising post-production and executing the editing and motion graphics.
Mackenzie Mathis – Production supervision, post-production creative direction, motion graphics, animation
Brian Ho – Art direction
Ashley Andrews – Concept design, world-building, social strategy
Julia Mitchell – Project management
Lunafest 20th Anniversary
In 2001, Clif Bar's co-founder, Kit Crawford created Lunafest, the world’s first all-women traveling film festival, meant to elevate a diverse set of women filmmakers and to shine a spotlight on stories that bring us closer together.
For the film festival’s 20th anniversary, LUNA wanted to do something special, so they asked us to develop video and social assets that would highlight the landmark occasion properly.
This was a big project completed on a very ambitious timeline, and at the time, felt like a complete whirlwind. Now, after the dust has settled, I can look back on it as an intense, yet wonderful experience, and since Lunafest has since been put on indefinite hiatus, I have the joy of knowing we contributed to what may have been one of the festival's final runs.
The list of deliverables was long on this one. The pillar of the project was a special 20th anniversary video to commemorate two decades of Lunafest. In addition there was the festival trailer, which highlighted that year's selected films, a festival introduction video that would be played on opening night, featuring Kit Crawford, a bespoke 3D animated logo commemorating Lunafest's 20 years of progress, and several social videos to promote the event and the filmmakers involved that year.
I'll be adding a link to a complete case study for this project soon, that'll dive deeper into the process and deliverables. For now, please enjoy the two main videos from the project, the 20th anniversary video and the festival trailer.
Mackenzie Mathis – Production and post-production supervision, video editing, animation
Ashley Andrews – Art direction, concept design, social strategy
Kate Chuang – Graphic design, illustration
Maranda Tam – Graphic design, world-building
Maureen Chan-Lay – Project management
Brindl Markle – Original music
Rob Cornell – 3D animation
Serena Wong – Video editing
Alex Reeves – Voice-over recording
Mary Faith Tomlinson – Voice-over talent
Dan Juenemann – Location lighting
LUNA Keto Brownie Bites
It's no secret, I love sweets. So the LUNA creative team didn't even finish uttering the words Keto Brownie Bites before I knew I was onboard.
This campaign was really fun because the LUNA team came to me with a fleshed-out set of design comps, but was looking for ideas in terms of how to bring things to life in motion. Once I heard some of the music selections they had in mind, a style came to mind that I thought could work. I asked them to let me try creating an animated proof-of-concept for the style I was thinking of, and they ended up loving it.
The animation style we ended up adopting was simple, yet stylish. Instead of a traditional 2D animation workflow, we took a stop-motion approach, with each element popping on and off, creating the illusion of motion without needing to "animate" much at all. The result really complements the bold and graphic top-down design comps the LUNA team created, and the energy matches the uptempo music choices.
Deliverables included the hero product video you see below, separate versions focusing on specific flavors and health claims, and a set of looping social animations.
A more complete case study will be coming soon for this project, but for now, please enjoy the main asset everything else revolved around.
Mackenzie Mathis – Post-production supervision, video editing, animation
Ashley Andrews – Art direction, world-building, social strategy
Kate Chuang – Concept design, creative direction
Julia Mitchell – Project management

LUNA Minis
This campaign started off as just a simple one-off product video but turned out to be one of my sleeper favorites from my many collaborations with LUNA.
I love the simplicity of design and minimalism imbued by concept artist, Kate Chuang. Even in motion, it looks deceptively simple and straightforward, though we employed a fair number of cheats and tricks to achieve the final look.
Figuring out how to give the overlapping spotlights a sense of organic motion and allowing them to interact with each other dynamically was a fun challenge to take on, and the end result is something I'm proud of, even though on the surface it seems pretty effortless.
As usual, the LUNA team put together some amazing building blocks to work with and it was a joy to play around with different ways of achieving what they were looking for.
Deliverables included the hero product video you see below, and shorter versions for social, which each highlight a featured flavor.
Mackenzie Mathis – Post-production supervision, video editing, animation
Ashley Andrews– Art direction, social strategy
Kate Chuang – Concept design, world-building
Julia Mitchell – Project management
LUNA Summer Social
This campaign was for LUNA Mash-Ups–bars that are hybrids of two popular LUNA flavors mixed into one. Because the videos would end up exclusively on social, we had more room to play around and create whimsical mini-moments that people could taste briefly, then move on from.
Of course, we aimed for re-watchability as well, in the form of the campaign's embedded cuteness factor–thanks as usual to LUNA's amazing design team.
The result is a super fun, super cute nod to some super tasty bars.
Mackenzie Mathis – Post-production supervision, video editing, animation
Ashley Andrews – Concept design, art direction
Maranda Tam – Concept design, storyboarding
Julia Mitchell – Project management
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