Null Extension delves into the spatial confinement of subjective perception. The line between subject and viewer, inescapability and endurance, limitations and potentiality, is stretched and pushed beyond comfort. Despite the structures that define and confine us, through altered states achieved in moments of suspension of time and space, our bodies can become a site of liberation and transcendence. The traveling viewpoint of the individual experience, contrasted with infinite expansion, allows an unraveling of monolithic understanding toward the process of becoming. –Kadet Kuhne
| Null Extension still frames
After our successful first collaboration, Sedimentary Noise, media artist Kadet Kuhne called me back on as cinematographer for her next gallery exhibition, this time to film a 3-channel looping video featuring a human body tied up and suspended in a void space.
The exhibition took place at Aggregate Space Gallery in San Francisco. During the event, two of the video's channels would be played on separate projectors, and the third would play in a smaller light box mounted on one of the gallery walls. The videos would be accompanied by Kadet's dark and atmospheric sound design–her signature medium, as well as many of her other visual art pieces.
We filmed this at a VoxBody Studio in Oakland, where we set up a large white seamless backdrop over the floor to ceiling windows. Once that was set, my go-to gaffer, Dan Juenemann crafted the lighting based on the discussed look and soon we were up and running.
Because of the nature of the rope rigging, we'd only have a few minutes at a time of filming, or risk our talent, Carson Beker, passing out from lack of circulation. When the rigging was in place, we had to scramble to capture as much footage as possible. For this, our 2nd camera operator, Juvenal Cisneros was indispensable. 
When we had all the poses complete, we tore down the set and packed up. Kadet edited the piece herself, and once she was done, passed it on to me for the final color grade.
It really was a sight to behold in the gallery space, and it's a shame it can't be experienced that way anymore, but I hope the video gives you an impression of the intent. You can read more about the piece on Kadet's website, as well as watch a gallery walk-through made on the night of the event courtesy of Artful Hare.
Kadet Kuhne – Director, Concept Artist
Carson Beker – "The Body"
Mackenzie Mathis – Cinematographer, Colorist
Dan Juenemann – Gaffer
Juvenal Cisneros – Camera Operator
Violet Blue – Rope Rigger

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