I first worked with Ubisoft under a production company founded by myself and two colleagues from graduate school, called 4ReelFilms. We produced and edited a mini-doc for them about a real-life fitness boot camp they put on to promote their new-at-the-time release, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.
4ReelFilms ended up not working out in the long run for various reasons, but thankfully I kept in touch with our contacts at Ubi and was able to work in the capacity of contract video editor there for a number of years. My stints would typically be a few months at a time, and that's where I learned a lot of the techniques that still benefit me today.
I learned to edit really quickly thanks to their demanding production schedules. I also learned to be obsessive about file organization–crucial for managing multiple projects at once and all the assets that go along with them. To top it off, I was able to work closely with the brand teams of various games and saw how they would structure their marketing campaigns–a skill that allowed me to successfully transition from freelancer to agency-owner.
During my time at Ubisoft, I worked on hundreds of projects and was lucky enough to film some spots for them too, one of which won a Gamer Marketing Award. Below is a tiny selection of the work I touched during my time there. I hope you enjoy.
Please note, some content contains depictions of violence (rated M for mature).
Mackenzie Mathis – Video editing
Shawn Charity – Motion graphics
Bethynia Cardenas – Project management
Milenko Skoknic – Project management
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